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A conversation with gemmologist Lauriane Lognay


A Gemmologist with a Love for Lapidary Art and Jewellery Design

Interview by : Reema Farooqui

“I have always been fascinated with gemmology. This is a science and it deals with gemstones which, in my books is both exciting and very glamourous. In my eyes, gemmologists are part gemstone and jewellery detectives and part explorers. So, when I got an opportunity to interview Lauriane Lognay, President at Rippana Inc., as you can imagine, I was completely thrilled.

Rippana Inc. is a coloured gemstones wholesale company based in Montreal, where their inhouse team of gemmologists help their clients find and select the best coloured gemstones. In addition, they provide custom lapidary services as well, cutting and faceting gemstones to meet different jewellery design requirements.

Lauriane Lognay, FGA, is a gemmologist and has a Fellowship of the Gemmological Association of Britain. She is also a lapidary who learned this craft from Master Lapidary Artist Yves St. Pierre. In addition, she is also a jewellery designer. However, Lauriane juggles all three roles with ease and a sense of confidence and fun, which is so refreshing and quite inspiring.

In my interview with Lauriane, I asked her about her work as a gemmologist and a lapidary artist, about her travels around the world looking for gems and about how the Covid Pandemic has affected her work at Rippana Inc.”

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A Conversation with Gemmologist Lauriane Lognay at Rippana Gems – The Culture of Pearls