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About us

Rippana Inc. is a coloured gemstone wholesaler company based in Montreal, proud to present to you quality, and a vast selection of natural gemstones. Our team consists only of FGA Gemologists capable of helping you get the perfect stone for your preferred clients.

Our Mission

Offering different facets of the trade in one place without sacrificing quality, Rippana’s mission is making your sparkling dream a brilliant reality.

We are proud to bring quality and service to a vast selection of natural gemstones. Offering more and more ethical options for you needs, we aim to support and cultivate fair trading and sourcing of our gemstones.

Our Vision

Offering a broad spectrum of services to fit your needs.

We aim to offer the best prices possible for the highest quality gemstones you can find. To offer the most amazing natural colored gemstones tailored to your needs and budget.

By color matching your gems for you and calibrating them to your needs, we offer a service rarely seen: Excellence. And if Excellence is what you strive for, Excellence is what you’ll get.

Our Credo

RIPPANA: Offering brilliance as standard, and making your gemstone dreams a reality.

Our Team

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President / Gemologist / Customer Service / Lapidary

Lauriane Lognay FGA is a gemologist with the Fellowship of the Gemological Association of Great Britain who also has a diploma in jewelry. Founder of Rippana inc. back in 2012 when she was just 21 years old, she developed the lapidary services alongside the gemstones selling business and moved to the heart of Montreal, Canada to establish her business. She travels in numerous countries during the year like Tanzania, United-states and Myanmar in order to visit the mines and markets to buy the best rough and cut gemstones the field has to offer.

Gemologist / Customer Service

Robert Doyle FGA is a gemologist with the Fellowship of the Gemological Association of Great Britain. He obtained his diploma in 2016. He has great experience in customer service since 2007. His passion for gemstones cut and rough alike means he can help you with any gemstone related question you may have for him. He is an experienced rockhound, always looking for new places to go and dig crystal specimens and gems.

Laurence Carrière

Gemologist / Gem and Jewellery Appraiser

Laurence Carrière FGA is a certified jeweler by the Montreal School of Jewellery and a certified gemmologist by The gemmological Association of Great Britain from which she obtained the prestigious FGA in 2015 and EGMA in 2019. By name, she was destined to have a passion for metals, stones, and their stories. Her mission: To promote a more ethical and sustainable consumption and use of stones and jewelry. She performs the evaluation of your jewelry, your rough and faceted colored stones as well as your rough and faceted diamonds at Rippana Inc. since 2021.
Émilie Gagnon

Master Lapidary

Émilie Gagnon Lapidary artist joined the team of Rippana Inc. in June of 2021 as a lapidary and was trained by master lapidary Marc-Antoine Tremblay. Her college degree in Jewelry at the Ecole de Joaillerie de Montréal sparked a love of gemstones and precision work. Her curiosity drove her to learn about gemstones and their properties, which helps her determine the best way to work a rough to achieve the best result.