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Inclusions: Are they friend or foe?

Inclusions: Are they friend or foe?

By Lauriane Lognay

A 5.26-carat Russian demantoid garnet with horsetail inclusion.
Photos courtesy Rippana Inc.

Gemstones are more than simply part of the piece
of jewellery they’re set in. Each stone has an origin,
and with it an amazing story to tell.

What are inclusions?

Inclusions are present in almost every gemstone and take many shapes and forms.

There are three types:  liquid, gas, and solid. Each forms at different times during the process of crystallization. They can be combined to form one, two, or three-phase inclusions. Liquid with gas, for example, would be a two-phase inclusion.

Inclusions are also the key to understanding the origin of a gemstone. They are the most important aspect in determining not only the formation of the gems, but also if it is natural or treated.

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